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here i'll be forever

by cuddle formation

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rest in pwr 03:28
it's tough to be cautious when there's nothing inside if all i do fails thanks for being in my life i can only imagine what this will one day mean appreciation, being present, engaged with our dreams
i am scared when i don't cry if i care to live or die see the world progress in kind and my friends succeed at life there is value in bone, nutrients for our soil home help the world to grow and grow, digress from civilized pride a realization in the stars, halley's comet will be ours end the world with no requests no deathbeds, deliverance for icecaps, for the streams, for the trees, and for the bees for the ceremony celebrating how green life can be
sarasota 01:28
"i don't know what it is but it needs to stop because the people that don't have they deserve just what the people that have because the world was not created for all of us to have the same thing it was created for us to work together and make a difference"
there's a place you can go with your friends it's off the beaten path so you better listen twenty miles out and a hundred yards in just look up at the sky it's time to begin we've been coming here for centuries keep it clean keep it neat and it's a dream it's hard to say what we'd do without a place to clear our minds and remember what life's about i don't want to live in a city no more if space is the place then all i wanna do is explore these trees are so much older than me if we listen closely i bet they have some sweet stories
life's blood 03:57
holding hands in the rain, reading books in the park on a sunny day there are no words to explain what a moment means these are some of my favorite things like saying yes to everything because it's best to be trusting late night conversations, strangers on the couch hold the door open for new friends, try and help everybody out the world is such a beautiful place maybe we can be more like that these are some of my favorite things (like road trips) these are some of my favorite things (like learning from new people) these are some of my favorite things (like playing music with my friends) these are some of my favorite things (like singing songs that make me smile)
"i think it's important to be passionate and not back down from fighting for what we want and need in our lives if we don't, people with power will try to tell our stories for us and treat us like a market to tell us what we need what we need is to fight for collective liberation because we will never be free unless the people we share community with are also free"


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assembled in fragments over the course of three years, here i'll be forever is a message of comradeship and solidarity to tender (and angry) humans worldwide: we can exist and thrive apart from our toxic dominant culture. we can develop and nurture communities founded on empathy, accountability, and abolition. in our everyday actions we can practice the foundation for something truly transformative, a place that is for everyone who is willing to work together to make a meaningful difference.


released January 19, 2017

:: album art by souther salazar
:: arranged + recorded by noah klein
:: mixed by emily reo + noah klein
:: mastered by jack greenleaf + matthew sage
:: manufactured by cryptic carousel
:: released on tape by never content
:: recorded between silent barn, dreamhaus, and numerous basements, living rooms, bedrooms, and parks across america

:: rest in power features jordan lee on piano, ana caravelle on harp, johanne swanson + dan goldberg + liz pelly + chris lee + katie capri + pier harrison as a vocal choir, and jennifer medina's voice
:: hope for the flowers features athylia paremski on cello
:: for ppl features jean cousin's voice and synth drone
:: sarasota features valerie buchand's voice
:: trails to the peaks of mtns features dan goldberg on synth
:: life's blood features jack greenleaf on bass and vocals from emily reo
:: intrinsic radiance features chris lee on cello, gelly's vocals, and the voice of freddie francis




never content 🍃 Los Angeles, California


@ gmail dot com

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